More haste, less speed for Marketers - 3 easy steps

According to Benjamin Franklin “if you want something done, ask a busy person”.  He may well have been talking about a marketer or indeed a whole marketing department.

Though I work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, in this age of constant communication, I've come to the conclusion, that all marketing departments now fall into one of three categories of ‘rushed’.

Treadmill rush
These groups are driven by fear.  They feel they can't afford to switch off in case they fall behind.  That risk of not being able to catch up again, means that they're likely to be the only ones with 20 days holiday still to take on the last day of the year.  Other symptoms include the compulsion to reply to an email that woke them up at 3am.

To do list rush
It might be an excel spreadsheet, a computer monitor smothered in post it notes or a series of panoramic white boards ramping up the pressure.  To do list marketers are driven by achievement, although they never really stop to enjoy their success because there is always something to add to the list and there are never enough hours in the day to complete everything.

Put out the fires rush
I recently spoke to a head of marketing, who had brilliant ideas for their product line but never got round to implementing any of them, because of all the urgent things which ate the well meaning hours of each day. Such marketers are driven by the need to control, though their hurry blinds them from making any real progress. Sound familiar?

In truth we all have our moments in each camp.  We won't stop being busy people, but we can take steps to make sure our efforts are more fruitful.

Know what you're trying to achieve by understanding what success looks like in your company

Is it a certain number of leads by the end of the quarter, a capacity crowd at your next webinar, a 100% positive rating on ebay?  Set goals for your marketing so the rest of your business understands your contribution. This also helps justify your time and budget spend, when multiple projects are competing for your attention. If you aim at nothing, you're bound to hit it.

Make time to stay up to date

There's something new to learn every day, but the good news is we're all struggling with the same volume of content (email, social media, press, events etc.) and no-one knows everything.  Set up google alerts for those terms and phrases you really need to stay on top of. Log articles to your reading list (that little pair of glasses icon on your dashboard). Bookmark pages and download ebooks.  Anything that helps you self educate, will make you feel more confident and efficient.

Make marketing a business driver not a cost centre

What are your company objectives this year, or even this quarter? Measuring your marketing so that you can show how you're supporting the overall organisation, helps colleagues and customers alike.  Every social media tool now comes with analytics and even the simplest website can provide a host of metrics. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it, so take control and see where your time is best spent.

If you're still struggling, remember Neil Young once sang ‘it's better to burn out than fade away’. Perhaps he was a closet marketer?


The 2 minute tool that positively shapes your brand perception

Perception is 99% reality

Since waking up today, I bet you've judged strangers, chosen one brand over another, skimmed your favourite website and ignored at least one email. Why? We humans are a fussy bunch, each with our own opinions, built on our life experiences to date, or maybe just what side of the bed you got out of this morning.

We've made up our minds, don't confuse us with the facts

We rarely question why we buy one product over another or what makes us take the risk on something new.  Companies spend millions every day, building brands that make us feel something and trying to influence our spending decisions in their favour.  They know that customer perception can make or break their business, but it's easy for employees to forget they are the brand when they attend meetings, make presentations or populate that twitter feed.

Know the brand, be the brand

The 21 minute video above, adds science to the universal truth, that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I must admit that I watched it with some scepticism at first, but having tried it myself and referred it to several friends, I'm now convinced that Amy Cuddy is onto something. In this video, Amy shows that our body language not only influences others, but can also affect how we see ourselves and that's the revelation.

Do you meet my needs?

As we make our daily choices, we often weigh up the pros and cons based on what we believe to be true.  So, next time you want to influence someones decision about your brand, consider how two minutes of posturing could change your outlook and therefore your success. 

Go on, nobody is looking ...


Surprise! How to delight your customers.