Need help with your marketing, but don't know where to start?

I help companies understand and use marketing to support their business goals. I cover all stages of planning, implementation and evaluation, so you can see what's most successful for your market.

    • Marketing strategy and planning

    • How to choose and use social media
    • Marketing support for lead generation

    • Product marketing and management

    • Branding and communications

    • Content development

    • Website analysis and guidance

    • Blogging

Marketing Strategy

Lots of ideas but not sure of the best marketing tools and channels to use?

I can help you re-evaluate your approach, provide strategic guidance and fresh thinking to make your existing resources work harder. Along the way you'll discover how effective marketing can be in developing your overall business strategy.

Visibility leading to credibility

Your company and your products are fantastic, but you feel invisible?

I can create or refine messaging, auditing your current communications to ensure you're speaking to the right audience, using the tools they're already familiar with.  This gets your voice heard, no matter how crowded the market.

Marketing Support for lead generation

Does your sales team think that marketing is another name for sales prevention?

I can help you prioritize and segment your target audience and devise lead generation campaigns and tactics to keep your sales funnel full.  Capture attention and convert that into sales, both online (social media, blogging, website) and offline (tradeshows, events, collateral etc.) - it's easier than you think and you'll see the results almost immediately.  So what are you waiting for?